08 July 2012

IT's Strange or funny or even nice when...

1.when one finds a comment for a very old post from an unknown person, who seems to appreciate one's writing skills...in a moment when life seems less colourful then usual...an appreciation seems the colour of this day

2. when one simple encounter with a person from the past brings back so many memories and gets the brain exhausted in opening and closing doors

3. when my favourite red sandals from Spain get broken suddenly without any notice, in the middle of this hot sumer

4. when you have a very pleasant conversation with the person who seemed more distant than you thought

5. when she who seemed so nice once, now is quite a sandy "beach" :))

6. it's nice when people don't seem to recognize you coz of new haircut and seem so confused when you wave them hello :)) think it's funny

7. it's strange when the one you once knew now is a stranger...and want to remain this way

8. it's nice to feel pretty from time to time and to dance...it's nice to dance...to dance in a nice way:)

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