10 May 2009

Is is nice when...


- all of the sudden and unexpectedly Madhusudan from India calls me to wish me Happy Birthday and to hear my Romanian accent:))

-me and grandpa go to a reception together and someone tells us that he should be proud of me and that I should be proud of him

-my Orchid blooms..:))

-on the radio Faithless sings about Insomnia and I feel sleepy, but still I dance:))

-I can park the way I want to, drive with high heels and wear sunglasses :)

-mom buys a new pair of shoes, coz I know she is happy then:))

-the sense of style gets sharper and I can match a cream-coloured pair of pants with a red checkerworked blouse:)

-even funnier when H. tells me that a relative went to an office and after giving some details about himself , he wanted to give the address too, which was 1 Decembrie 1918...and the employee said :"I didn't ask for your birth day" :))

-when the sun is shining, the grass is green, the bees are bizzy:)) and the love is in the air,and soul:*

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Yas V said...

Yes it is you're so right!