23 April 2009

It's a complicated world

After asking some friends to take the tests below, I noticed that they were fast in solving the more complex one and taking too much time for the easier one...is this a tendency to make things more complicated than they are?

Hm...it is quite funny when the answer is right in front of you and still you are trapped in finding the right solution, still going deeper...meaningles.. and it reminds me of a story of a man who needed help in a difficult situation, and asked for it...God said He would offer him the help, but the man asked:"Is there someone else to help me?"

eh, the eternal struggle of a tired (poluted) mind...

A) 1,2,6,42,1806...............what is the next number?

B) if 1=5

and 2=25




For a funny test, enter HERE
Intrati aici pentru un test mai amuzant


Adrian said...

5=1 dar acum te intreb eu pe tine, cu cat este egal 6?

Mili said...

da, ai dreptate, ai ghicit care e exercitiul cel mai usor...6=14321 :)

loredana şi robert said...

superba fotografia.
asa este, e o lume taaaaaaaaaaare complicata.