26 February 2009

Things I didn't know about my country

Eminescu - Longest Love Poem

Mihai Eminescu is considered Europe's last great romantic not in the least because he gave voice of such unmistakable music to the sadness of love. The "Luceafarul" (Evening Star) by Mihai Eminescu, a 98 stanzas long poem about the impossible love between immortal Evening Star and a beautiful mortal princess sets the world record for the Longest Love Poem. Mihai Eminescu was also declared "UNESCO-Year-2000-Poet-Of-The-Year".

Landscape of the Year - Bridges within Europe
The Danube Delta was officially proclaimed the Landscape of The Year 2007-2008 by the Presidents’ Conference of International Friends of Nature.
The valuable areas of the delta need to be protected, as they are part of the assets that the Central and Eastern European Countries have to contribute to the European Union.

Romanian president included in World Record Book for fastest reply to citizen request
Article from:Xinhua News Agency Article date:May 18, 2007 More results for: romanian record book | Copyright information

Romania's suspended President Traian Basescu has made it on to the World Records Academy list, for the fastest presidential reply to a citizen request, the national Rompres news agency reported Friday.

According to the agency, Basescu promptly answered to an emergency citizen request on April 18 and issued in less than two hours a Presidential Decree conferring the national honor "The Star of Romania" to Mr Professor Liviu Librescu, killed in the massacre at Virginia Tech, the United States.

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