12 February 2009

Peter Fox - Haus am See

Lately I am improving my german skills by listening to a german radio, baden fm and my fav show is the morning one, with Oliver and Julica, they are really refreshing and funny, and great voices for the morning "hangover":)

anyway, everyday they play this song and the only thing I knew from it was a line about orange leaves and 20 children and a beautiful wife...quite much, right? So because I became obsessed by the song, I wrote to the radio to let me know the artist and the song, telling them what I told you...orange leaves, 20 kids, gorgeous wife:))) And after 5 minutes they wrote back:))
" Hello,
you are seariching for Peter Fox - Haus am See.

Jan Haselhofer
Moderator baden.fm
Endlich gute Musik im Radio!
ab sofort hören Sie baden.fm
Der beste Musikmix aus 4 Jahrzehnten

The video is quite funny and interesting, especially because the is so dressed up and sings about a house at the sea side and lots of kids, neighbours,relatives, barbeque...but in the end, well...just watch:)

Und am Ende der Strasse steht ein Haus am See.
Organgenbaumblätter liegen auf dem Weg.
Ich hab 20 Kinder meine Frau ist schön.
Alle kommen vorbei ich brauch nie rauszugehen.

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