17 January 2009

Stage fright

Last seen...

Well, if you are a fan of Marlene Dietrich, if you like glamour, fancy dresses and a lil' bit of romance and tension, this is he perfect movie:) I watched it with my headphones on, but I wouldn't advise it for those who are a bit scared by screams and sounds that break the silence...well, this was my experience, maybe yours will be different:)

Anyway, my fav scene, or shoot is that in which the focus is on Marlene Dietrich's face, from somewhere above but not far, and she looks very disturbed, for a little bit, and then her face is covered by a foggy ciggarete smoke...dashing!! minute 00:15

Instead of telling about the action -u can find the summary on google-I will paste some comments and secrets behind the scene.

Well, for those who don't know, Hitchcock had a playful gesture of having a short appearance in his movies, that became one of Hitchcock's signatures and fans would make sport of trying to spot his cameos.His appearances became so popular that he began to make them earlier in his films, so as not to distract the audience from the plot.

"For this movie, Marlene Dietrich demanded to be costumed exclusively by fashion design house Dior. Dior demanded a screen credit and Paramount demanded and received a 25% discount

This movie is significant because it broke a long-established cinematic convention that flashbacks were always a true account of earlier events. In this film, though, the opening flashback turns out to be a lie, a device which at first baffled then enraged cinemagoers who felt that they had in some way been cheated."

". Surprisingly he even gave his own daughter, Patricia Hitchcock, a bit part towards the end."

My funny-fav one is Lovely Duck:))


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