11 January 2009

Dog and cat

I just heard a story that I think it can be useful to some of us, but the last line, to all of us, and I would like to share it here, with whoever is interested..:)

Here we go:
"Once upon a time,there was a man, sitting quietly at his table and serving his dinner, with a great appetitte. At his feet came the dog and it started looking into the eyes of his master, saying to himself:"Please God let my master eat with the appetitte he has and then, after he is full, tell him to give me a small piece too:)"

Meanwhile, the cat came closer and watching as the man kept on eating, playing next to him, thought to itself:"Pleas God make my master blind, for a while, so that I can steal his food."

The dog waited for his master to finish and to give it some food too, because the dog knew his master was kind. The cat kept on watching closely for a moment when she could steal the food, because she couldn't have been satisfied with what the master would have given her.

This is the way things go in life too, some friends that surround us are like the dog, devoted and kind, honest and pacient. Others, like the cat, have a wicked smile on their faces, but are bad inside, waiting for the perfect time to steal and take advantage .

Are you hurt by a mean person? Forgive him, so there won't be 2 mean people."

My message? Well, be careful with your friends ,don;t eat in front of the animals and ..best to have a dog:))rather than a cat:P

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