16 January 2009

Dial M for Murder

I consider myself a fan of all the Hitchcock's movies, especially since I saw Psycho for 5 times and only now I can understand many of the huge amount of symbols used in the movie.

The last movie I saw is called Dial M for Murder- a great one, in terms of perfect crime issues and tension, also details and angles for shooting. My fav one is the one in which she tries to reach some help from the viewer, streching her hand, while the man tries to kill her...not to mention the esquisite appeareance of Grace Kelly, a grace indeed.

"Tony Wendice learns that his wife, Margo had an affair but even though it's over, he decided to kill her but chose to bide his time. He waited until Mark Halliday, his wife's boyfriend, returned to town. He then placed his plan in order. He summoned a man, whose reputation is a bit shady, and reveals that he knows his secrets but also tells him about his wife and her boyfriend and that they are each the beneficiary of their estates. He gets the man to agree to kill his wife and he has laid out what appears to be perfect plan. Only thing is the man was the one who was killed. Wendice trying to cover everything up, decides then to make it appear that Margo had an ulterior motive for killing the man. And it appears to be working except Halliday doesn't believe she's guilty and the police uncover a few anomalies."

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polish_nano said...

I watched Psycho for the first time on my iPod during a train trip to Warsaw few months ago, and I have to admit that it is, in fact, a nice thriller. However, the mystery of the movie(Psycho) was very predictable for me, so I felt it very lame and expected to be more surprised.

I guess after becoming a horror-movie fan, I can see beyond the script. ;)

This "Dial M for Murder" I haven't watched but I can take as a suggestion for the next movie to watch with somebody. :)