02 December 2008

Twiggy-twiggy...can it go as an AIESEC role-call?

This song is very frequently played at Lounge-radio, the radio I listen to at the office:) quite funny when you come to think about it

Twiggy Twiggy by Pizzicato Five

I was wondering if it can go as an AIESEC role-call...hm, can it?

Sanjikan mo matte ita no yo
Watashi neko to issho ni

Sono toki denwa no beru ga
Watashi neko mitai ni shabetta
Terebi no volume sagete
Watashi uso mitai na koe de

Twiggy no mini skirt de
Twiggy mitai na pose de
Twiggy no mini skirt de
Twiggy mitai ni yassepochi no watashi

I was waiting for about three hours
My cat and i

At the time the phone rang
And I chatted away just like my cat
I turned down the tv and
Talked in a fake voice

In a twiggy mini-skirt
In a twiggy-like pose
In a twiggy mini-skirt
Skinny like twiggy, thats me

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