25 November 2008

The beautiful , innocent age

Miaunel si Balanel:))


Maria Mirabelaaaaaaa

Piff et Hercule

Testoasele Ninjaaa

Man, did I have a wonderful childhood...there were few things we loved, like Desene animate at 7 p.m., we were running like crazy to catch Turtles Ninja and dream of that big, cheesy pizza, or waiting for the bananas to become yellow, checking them each day for a month in the closet:)) or eating Pitic chocolate and chewing turbo gum...or seeing oranges and realizing it is Christmas, coz it was the only time we receved oranges....no,there was a second time - if we were in hospital:))) I loved being in hospital, coz I received a lot of books, chocolate, oranges...but as a child, now they bring flowers, like they were of any use:))

Ah, that wonderful period of not having access to so many things, and dreaming of having them...this sad period of having all and wishing we were kids again...

I love my childhood!!!


noryshor said...

me too!! :):)

in remains one of the most beautiful periods of my life.

Mili said...


which is your favourite cartoon?

noryshor said...

the Walt Disney cartoons, and recently those made by Pixar. :)

p.s.: by the way, I love your photos (from flickr). Show us some more! :)

Mili said...

ooo, thanks:)

I keep on flickr only the best of my thousands of pictures, and also because I didn't buy a pro account yet, i hav limited space there:(

but will do a photo-marathon on the blog...hehehe