16 September 2008

Taken from : Mitchell

"The image was taken at a small village in East Kutch – a remote region of India. This area is very dry, the soil here is arid and the inhabitants have to be resilient. The girl truly seemed like a ‘diamond’ in the rough in such surroundings. When I asked if I could photograph her, she became very shy, but the local children and mothers encouraged her and so she got in front of the camera. Between her shy laughter and hesitant looks the wind played with her hair and she gave me that intense glance, mature beyond her years. I pressed the shutter."

visit: www.mitchellkphotos.com


Yas V said...

This is a very old photograph I believe. They did a documentary where the photographer went back to try find the girl who was now a women. Obviously she had changed but she still had the same eyes.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know whatyou are talking about, but I can assure you it is not the same..as this was taken last year in May...:))
But the girl u are talking about is very beautiful too...MIli