15 September 2008

Lesson of my day :PATIENCE

Today is a very happy day for me, eventhough here is veryyyy cold and the wind blows like crazy...today is a happy day.

Let's just start from the day I started to work in this office I am now...the first thing I noticed by looking out my window was the nest of a ring-neck-turtle-dove's couple...well, it was a couple, merrily in love, always together. The second day I caught unawares the greatest love scene ever...she was sitting in the nest and he was standing and feeding her...touching indeed...then on the 3rd day, he wasn't there any more...nor in the 4th day, nor in the 5th day..and so on.

Each morning I stood in front of my window wondering what went wrong...she was sitting in her nest, stoped flying, turning herself first with the peak to the east, then north, then west and finally south...but never flying. Being an every-day-bystander of all these, I couldnt't stop thinking about a possible death. I rememeber my priest told us one day in church that this turtle dove couple is a very strong one and they are very attached to each other, such that if something happens to one of them:

- the other one remains always single
- the other one doesn't drink water from a pure source anymore, he/she is mudding the water with his/her wings to show his/her sorrow
- never sits on a green branch any more, only on a dry one

all these to show he/she is in great pain for the loss he/she has suffered.

So all in all, I declared him eaten by a cat and began worring for her, that she won't eat or fly anymore...I tried to throw bread at her, but she seemed indiferent...my grandmother suggested me to be more happy when I see her and not so bitter and sad, because she will see it in my eyes ...so I started to smile at her and to act happy...

Today....today was a great moment, I had tears in my eyes...my little dove gave life to two adorable younglings and she was nourishing them this morning...during the day she keeps them safe and sound underneath her feathers and it's hardly noticeable that she has something there....oh...still He didn't show up, but I am sure that for the moment he left to bring food and to provide them enough space to stay...now ain't that true love???

Thinking about this, I reached to the conclusion that things in life that can seem dark, bitter, without solution...have quite an unexpected outcome...and things in life should be taken as they are, with a big amount of patience and submission, but always with an open mind and heart...I must admit it is hard, but not impossible..today I just realized that living in the past makes the memory of the day bitter, living with the hope and acceptance of the day is the modern Mecca of the man!

Amarâta turturea de Ienăchiţă Văcărescu

Amarâta turturea
Când ramâne singurea,
Caci soţia s-a răpus,
Jalea ei nu e de spus.
Cât traieşte, tot jăleşte,
Şi nu se mai însoţeşte.
Trece prin flori, prin livede,
Nu să uită, nici nu vede.
Trece prin pădurea verde
Şi sa duce, de se pierde;
Zboară, până de tot cade,
Dar pre lemn verde nu şade.
Si când şade câteodata
Tot pre ramură uscată;
Umbla prin dumbrava-adincă,
Nici nu bea, nici nu manâncă.
Unde vede apa rece,
Ea o turbură şi trece;
Unde e apa mai rea,
O mai turbură şi bea.
Unde vede vânatorul,
Acolo o duce dorul,
Ca s-o vază, s-o lovească,
Să nu se mai pedepsească.
Când o biata pasarică
Atât inima işi strică,
Incât doreşte să moară
Pentru a sa soţioara,
Dar eu om de-naltă fire
Decât ea mai cu simţire,
Cum poate sa-mi fie bine ?
Oh ! amar şi vai de mine !


Yas V said...

Hey Mili, that's a very nice story. I think it also reminds us to always keep smiling : )

PS. Your banner image keeps on changing every other day. What's up with that.

Milishor said...

Hey Yas, thank you very much for the appreciation,indeed smile is like a sunshine in our lives, especially if it comes from our souls, into the eye:)

p.s. my banner image express the way I feel each week/or day..and then it's all about diversity and variety:)colours and happy feelings:)