22 February 2008

Do u think u are smart enough?

Yesterday I ran into this problemino and today i finally got the solution to it...maybe u can solve it also:)

"How can one divide 1.000 into 2 parts, so that each part can be divided to 19, and 47. 1000=19*a+47*b"

Divide et impera :))


tjeerdfull said...

I took me 8 minutes ;)

should I put it down here? Everyone will know then :S.

Oh well you asked me to do it so.



this will end up in
1000= 19*18 + 47*14
1000= 342 + 658

piece of cake ;)

Milishor said...

bravo!!! :) how did u came to it?

tjeerdfull said...

well I think there is an easier way but the first thing to pop into my head was divide 1000 true 47 which leaves only 21 possibilities and start at the 21 so at 14 I got the right answer.

Milishor said...

aaa, difficult like that...i will let u know Tony's solution