15 January 2008

Yume - a warm, japanese tea

So here I am, discovering this Japanese tea house in Cluj, named Yume - dream in japanese. I am a big fan of tea and tea houses and whenever I discover one I like,I behave like a child that sees something new and colourful for the first time.

I really enjoy this tea house, as it has manga magazines and drawings on the wall, not to mention the music - always japanese, from pop to rock to ballads...and no to mention that on Mondays and Thursdays they play anime on the wall, from 19 p.m. Also they play Bleech and people do come there to see it without talking, just having their eyes stuck to the wall and laughing and living the anime:))...i stopped at laughing.

First thing as u enter the room, u must take ur shoes off...thake ur shoes off, ta-na-na-na..:)) then just go sit on the small chairs at the smalles tables in the country and then , as u need to go to the bathroom, with the belly filled with 6 cups of Wintery green tea, u just can't stand up and then u start to feel like an anime
The atmosphere is nice, u can enjoy a great tea and the second round is on the house if u order one for 3 people...but i got greedy and drank half of it...wow!! They also serve sake. I like it.

So keep in mind to wear clean socks when u go there..:)) as no one wears shoes there...oh!! u can also play a variety of games there, from Moara to Dame, from Catana to Monopoly...
Yume - str. Baba Novac, 30


Emil said...

It's a very nice place indeed...I also like it. It is so relaxing and full of life in the same time.

It is the perfect place for me to keep the the Grants Team Meetings :)

Maybe we will have a cup of tea over there soon. How about this?

Mili said...

i would like that..:)this year i mean...:))